Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No, you're not crazy...

No, you haven't clicked onto the wrong site and you haven't lost your mind (about this anyway, lol). I have completely re-done the color scheme, font, and a few other things on my blog. 

If you remember from an earlier post, I had been playing with changes and accidentally loaded the new blog layout and lost the old one before I was ready to make the change.  I liked the basic structure of the new layout but was never happy with the colors on the new fill-in one. I'm much more satisfied with this one...it has a clean peaceful air to it.

I've changed fonts from my personal favorite for years, Comic Sans MS, to Trebuchet. I hated giving up my old favorite but felt that Trebuchet was easier on the eyes/easier to read so I've made the change. I like the font's clean line.  I don't know about everyone else but the way things are laid out really impacts my ability to read with CFS...especially on bad days.

It's taken me forever to find where and how to code the line spacing wider. That's so basic...wonder why they don't include that in the quick changes.  (I find all the default spacing things make it harder for me to read with CFS.). I had to search for where/how to code the line spacing and go into HTML to change it.

The designers are writing the code differently on the new Blogger templates...things have different names and it's harder to find things.  Some of it looks more pared down...some things seem 'hidden',  packed into new terms, and the items not all spelled out.  The terminology has definitely changed. It may have something to do with using CSS and style sheets now, as well as HTML.

I'm not big into coding so I can't explain it well...it's just different. I've learned enough over time to go in and make changes and play with things but I'm having to add a new layer of knowledge to make changes I knew how to do before.  There isn't much info out there either on the new style templates and coding. Most of the info available  uses the old wording that I'm used to.

I still haven't been able to find out how to add more padding/space around my blog posts (inside the post area) so they don't run almost right to the edge. I hate the crowded look it gives. I have tried everything I know/can think to try and no good so far.  Coding in padding usually works but isn't  working here. I managed to add more space on the left but it pushed all the text over to the right and even out of the posting block area...it just 'ignored' the code for the right side.  I haven't given up but it is tiresome when none of the old things work and new info isn't available.

I have some fun things to tell about but they will have to wait a while now...I'm tired.

More later (I hope!)...