Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cue the eerie Twilight Zone music...

How peculiar...I was tweaking the font color for posts trying to make it more comfortable to read. The black was a little harsh. I decided on a dark brown (almost as dark as black)...softer on the eyes than black but still clear and sharp.

Selected it in the advanced settings on the template designer, clicked to apply, and looked back at the blog. Argh...it didn't apply uniformly. I can't tell if some parts are still black and some parts are brown or if there are different shades of brown in different parts of each post.

Whatever...it makes the post before this one look very patchy. I tried looking at the HTML on the template to see what color it showed. There seemed to be a delay in the color changing in the HTML. May be some site glitch/bug. I'm too tired to study the lines of code any more so I'll leave it till tomorrow and see what happens.

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