Friday, July 30, 2010

Swimming through pudding...

I keep trying to write a new post. I write a few sentences and fizzle out. So foggy when trying to write...I feel like I'm swimming through pudding. Trying to touch base on the blogs but I can't concentrate very long. After a paragraph or so my mind stops processing the words and my head starts hurting. Does anyone else get that headache when they try to listen or concentrate hard? It was one of the first warning signs of overdoing it that I became aware of in the early days. I get it when I physically overdo it,'s the first warning to stop/slow down for me.

Does anyone else have difficulty formulating sentences when they are like this? I find mine become so rambling...I really have trouble pulling them together. As a former speech-language pathologist, I find it interesting (scary and a bit depressing, too) observing the effects of this disease on cognitive functioning, speech, and language. I wish I had the strength and clarity to really record the effects and changes.

Funny, I'm still enjoying reading my mysteries despite the fog. I just started a new one last night...Bill Crider's 'Of All Sad Words'. It amazes me how many authors of mystery fiction are highly educated. I was reminded of this again looking at Bill Crider's credentials. I remember one of my English professors said something about mysteries being the most literate of popular fiction (something like's been a loooong time since I heard it.). Evidently lots of college professors in the ranks of mystery authors.

Sorry, sort of rambling here and I think I've petered out. (Where did that expression come from? I'm going to have to look it up.).

Maybe more later...or not.

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  1. absolutely love the header and photo (one of yours?). very very soothing and tranquil.